Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Nothing Lasts Forever

So they say that nothing lasts forever
But I’ve discovered that they are wrong
Our Pasts
Our Yesterdays
Will always be
    Every moment you had
    Piling up like stones
    The weight breaks your collar bones
    Cracks in your heart from every lie you told

The past is forever
        And social media posts
        And letters in shoe boxes
All have ramifications for the present
The past filters our vision better than Instagram
 It dictates what future we can walk
    It predicts our scraped knees
        And ruined relationships

Because they say nothing lasts forever
But they are wrong
 The past is resistant
even to the end of the world

For my future is not guaranteed
    I don’t even know when my last breath will be
But the words I’ve spoken are now a part of our history...

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

And we are running red lights

And we are running red lights

Rushing through morning traffic
    unaware of the cars
        waiting to turn

Rushing on speed control
    so that we can spend our time
        on a screen posting filtered memories
            that we only recall when notified

We are running red lights

From jobs to frozen microwave dinners
    and children that say everything was fine at school today
        while never looking up from a screen that alerts them
            three years ago you shared a picture of the two of you
            standing by a lake
                tiny fish in both your hands
                eyes bright

But we continue to run red lights
    too busy rushing to lives that only glow
        when we touch a screen

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

And We All Fall Down

And we all fall down
    Our pockets full of troubles
Dreams burnt to ashes
When all we really want is to be free again like children

Time makes our days turn into months
And our months into years
    Taking us away from hours spent
    Playing in the sunshine
        Dancing in the grass until

We all fall down
Scrape our knees
    Bruise our elbows
Only now we have to
     Dust off our own pants
Fix our own bike chain
    And find a way to dry our tears

The nursery rhymes have faded
      Only echos now
Happy memories that wilt our hearts
       Like dying posies

Friday, October 20, 2017


As my words
Like the glaze on a day-old donut
Stale, yet still just good enough to eat

As my words
Pile up
Like a 13 car accident on the highway
Horrific, yet glad it is not in your lane

As my words
Like the autumn leaves late in October
Beautiful, yet crushed underneath your sole

As my words
Fade away
Like the tingle of a first kiss
Intense, yet not ready to fully commit

As my words
Fill in
Like a coffee in the morning cup
Fresh, yet sipped with groggy eyes

As my words
Like a butterfly in the summer
free, yet already starting to die

Blue Butterfly

Monday, August 14, 2017

The Point of Now

Count the ways
    to a single point
More than South
    North and East
A 360 degree map
    a point
        from A to B
        but to C and Z, also
    there is a time
    in fact, it is now
    even tomorrow
This point is accessible
Even for those
    who believe they are lost

Monday, July 31, 2017

If I had the Words

If I had the words
    I would be able to tell you
    that the way you turn your head
        when you laugh
        is the definition of Joy

If I had the words
    I would be able to describe
    how the curve of your hip
        sharp against the night
        is the line of Desire

If I had the words
    I would be able to express
    how holding my hand
        to walk into a store
        is the moment of Love

If I had the words
    I would be able to write
    how your nicknames
        spoken by family
        is the song of Motherhood

If I was a better poet
    or skilled wordsmith
    or even half a Romeo
        I would have the words
        to move your spirit

But all I have are these words

I love you, always

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

After the Storm

sidewalk with puddleThe clouds have receded
The concrete grey and puddled
A fresh aroma of dirt and blossoms
The sun now hot on damp skin

The fears have receded
Windows still un-cracked
The flags sagging against the pole
The sun now melting the hail

The hours have receded
Children are swinging
Mom has yelled that dinner is ready
The sun now fading below the horizon