Thursday, July 7, 2016

As My Daughters Sleep

4:48 in the morning
My day begins
Coffee is brewed
I try to stay quiet
Everyone else is still at rest

5:25 in the morning
Time to get ready
For work
Teeth brushed
Shoes match my belt

5:55 in the morning
Computer packed
Coffee mug filled
And I head for the door

Two of my daughters share the room
Next to the entry way
Their new string of lights glow
Soft and pink in the morning light
They lay sprawled out like dolls
Blankets twisted between legs and arms
They are Peace personified
My heart jumps
As I consider the world I will open the door to

I fight the urge to lock them away
To stand in front of them
As the world shoots arrows of discourse
Aiming for their hearts and minds
Aimed to destroy

6:00 in the morning
I make my feet move
To enter a world meant to destroy
But I have the strength to go
Because my daughters will be awake
With smiles and hugs
When I come home


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