Sunday, May 19, 2013

One More Minute

I wish there was just one more minute
Just one more
Hold the second hand until I can say
All the things
Everyone wishes they would have said

But again life takes the minutes from our hands
and we let them slip
and fall without a word
and wonder why moments take our breath away
Wishing we could have spoken when
Our eyes were dry
and our throats clear

But now I'm crying... just one more minute
One more ball teed up
A laugh
A song
Something to keep my regrets at bay

Just one more minute
Just one more
I promise I won't let it go...

Friday, May 17, 2013


A hand is raised in anger
Tears are shed in fear
A finger on a trigger
About to release a bullet
The chain reactions to follow
Are, for a moment, frozen
If I could stop time
To watch all the world unfold
This moment would reveal a 1000 stories
That even tomorrow will still be untold
Hand shaking while holding another glass
A smile captured after a kiss
The letter falls to the floor
Decisions made
Picture fades in unopen albums
There is everything in this moment
And then the second hand moves