Thursday, August 23, 2012

I Wish

I wish every child would be woken up
 By a loving parent saying “Good morning, sunshine!”

I wish every child would have an option for breakfast
 A seat open on the bus
 And a smile from a friend when they walk through the school door

I wish bad wasn’t cool
  That we didn’t spend time defining ourselves with
  Hair color
  Or how much of a jerk we can be

I wish the bell wouldn’t ring every 50 minutes
  Signaling it is time to get up
   Then to sit down

I wish we understood that
  Sticks and stones break bones
  But words crush our souls

I wish every child carried a book
  With a beat-up book mark
   That had their dreams written in ink on the back

I wish the test were written by elementary students
  Because you know
  Recess would be the first question

I wish the diploma
  Meant you have become the person you wanted to be
  That the three Rs included
 Reaching for your dreams

I wish every child would go home mentally tired
  Ready to spend time with family and friends
  And when it was time for bed
  The day would end with a story and a kiss

I wish I could do more then just wish…


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