Saturday, August 6, 2016

Warning Label

I smile
You smile
Like everything else
  Terms and policies
   My Little Pony castle instructions
   The sugar content in cereal

We do not pay attention to other people’s Warning Labels

Smiles with turned downed corners
Eyes glancing with no contact
Their love with conditions

We know the labels are there
But we simply check the box

    “I have read and agree to your terms.”

Please email me your terms of endearments
I’ll save them in a folder
  That I can’t actually find
  I only know the shortcut from my desk top
I know I can text “Stop” when this gets out of control
Unsubscribe to the updates
But somehow I live with the pain
I understand it is my penance for not reading
    The warning labels

Nothing will change until my computer
    Or phone
    Or heart


 This poem was inspired by a work from A.J. Lancaster. His work is powerful and raw.

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