Thursday, August 18, 2016

A Different Yesterday

If we would have had a different yesterday
Today wouldn’t be so rough
And tomorrow so lonely

Life may be a highway
But it seems that the crossroads are unmarked
No street signs
And no one uses their blinkers when they turn

I looked in my rear view mirror and you were gone

I stopped at mile marker 21
Parked on the shoulder
Hazards blinking
Did you know
  you aren’t suppose to drive while under emotional distress?

I tried to reach you by phone
But the reception was horrible
I couldn’t hear what had happen to you
If you were safe
Or happy

I turned off the hazards
Merged into traffic
Turned up the radio
Because I knew this was going to be a lonely trip

My mind kept going back
To all of my collected yesterdays
As I passed every new mile marker
Wondering how I could have made yesterday different

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