Tuesday, August 25, 2015

To the Tattooed Barista

I noticed how you waited a few extra seconds
to acknowledge me waiting there
seconds can speak volumes
Then you politely ignored my order
and asked me to repeat it

Disdain shining bright behind your round rimmed fashion eyewear

I am looking sharp in black slacks and a mint green shirt with matching tie
While waiting in line I checked my iPhone

I know what your thinking
I once thought like Holden Caulfield
Not sure where I was going
Just sure I didn’t want to be like those lawyers downtown in a suit and tie

I don’t know the exact words you judged me with
but I felt it the judgment just the same

I will admit to selling out,
Selling out to my wife and six kids
Selling out to my students that I will be teaching today
(That’s why I dress professionally for them)

I will admit to selling out to my life, all 43 years so far

So, thank you for the coffee
And I was going to ask about the arm tattoo
I liked the design
But you decided in a few seconds I wasn’t worth your time.

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