Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hate is a Loan Shark

Hate is a loan shark

You meet him in the darkest alleys
  Staying away from any light

No names are exchanged
   Or terms of the loan

You know the interest will be high
But only desperate measures are completed in the dark

Hate is a loan shark
You know him by the way he hides his eyes
With the brim of his hat
He doesn’t care who you are
  Only in the name of the victim
  And the payment

Before you can back out
His hand has yours
And the contract is done

   Maybe it is a post on the screen
   Or a phrase uttered at the lunch table
   Or a simple fist to the face

Doesn’t matter
All contracts are final

Hate is a loan shark
And payment is due

He lets go of your hand
And stands with his open
No matter how much of your heart
  You place on his palm
   It will never be enough

He will collect for years to come
He will be there behind you inline at Starbucks
Or greet you as you enter the store
He’ll wave as you pass him in the park
   Keeping your eyes on the stroller you are pushing

Doesn’t matter when
   He will collect
     And it will never be enough

Hate is a loan shark
   You have been warned

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