Friday, December 12, 2014


Seniors are sharing their own poetry in class today.  Since they had to write one, they challenged me to have a poem for today.  Here is mine.

Watch the clock go bye
I can’t wait till the day
But tomorrow always stays
And the clock eats up every opportunity
Laughing as the hands
Shove seconds after seconds of your life
Into its face
But still you sit
Watching the clock go bye
I can’t wait till the day
As if there are special minutes that make the difference
But the clock knows that time
Taste the same
Until it sours into regret
Poisoning the present
And the future
But the clock doesn’t mine
It will continue to eat away
No matter what you might do

So watch the clock go bye
The hands move
From days
To hours
To minutes
To seconds
As you wait for the day
Wait for the day


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