Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Demons (Lord of the Flies)

I've got the sun in my eyes…
My stomach filled
I can laugh with the best of them
Some would call this paradise

But it's my mind..
that runs with trouble
My ears are filled with demons
They gnash and scratch my eardrums
  darkening my thoughts
  blurring my sight

I hear them whispering
 like flies around a pigs head
 tearing down everything I worked so hard for
 I smell smoke in the air

I drag myself through the hours of the day
 the rhythm of life has an easy beat to follow
 even with the constant buzz of doubt
   swarming my head

That only clears when I have reached the top of the mountain
to see the truth
  to see the dark blue ocean
  and the flashes of people
   living to the beat of this life
I can think
I can feel
I understand the battle

The demons have nothing to say from this vantage point

But the silence is so hard to hold on to
as I walk the pig run
 down and down and down
 into the echo of their song

And the demons again invade my mind.

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