Sunday, May 19, 2013

One More Minute

I wish there was just one more minute
Just one more
Hold the second hand until I can say
All the things
Everyone wishes they would have said

But again life takes the minutes from our hands
and we let them slip
and fall without a word
and wonder why moments take our breath away
Wishing we could have spoken when
Our eyes were dry
and our throats clear

But now I'm crying... just one more minute
One more ball teed up
A laugh
A song
Something to keep my regrets at bay

Just one more minute
Just one more
I promise I won't let it go...

1 comment:

  1. Your feelings put into words express the humanness of us all. I pray that all who read this will resolve to share their feelings with those who have been cornerstones in their lives. And I hope that old patterns of putting it off until they "have time" will be of the past. For each moment of our lives goes quickly and can never be recaptured, relived, or undone. We have but the moment we are in. Thank you for the reminder. If I could have just one more moment...