Thursday, April 18, 2013


Blue Sky
We try so hard to make the world
revolve around us
To make the clouds move
when we wave our hands
We can't stop the rain or
change the hours on the clock
The sun burns our skin
and the stars make us feel lost

I scream "What about me?"
Why can't you see
that I want to believe
that all this is free

Traffic lights turn red as we drive
Stop signs control us all
The people in front of us
have too many items in their cart
We have GPS
but the cities keep expanding
We want so much more
than all the things behind our front door

I scream "What about me?"
But I don't see
that the world beneath my feet
is for me to walk free

The sun sets to show us the horizon
so we can set our sites
Stars shine to remind us
that darkness is a lie
The earth rotates to keep us
moving through our time
And if we have the courage to follow
the clouds will show us the way

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