Thursday, April 4, 2013

A grain of sand

A grain of sand
sits among a million other grains
on a beach
Waves gently tracking time

At times the sand is under

Later caught in a pail
a part of a child's castle
and imagination

But the children
with the sun
and the waves come crashing down

Not even a single grain can stop time

That single grain of sand is caught
and dragged by the ocean
The darkness grows
The rhythm of the waves fade away
as the sand falls deeper
and the pressure builds

A single grain of sand is no match for the ocean depths
It feels the darkness
heavy around it
Silent and alone
The ocean is so deep

That single grain of sand
tries to understand
but the darkness is silent
and the grain is lost

With all hope gone
the sand hears a faint swoosh
waves gently falling in the distance
but the darkness persists
the pressure surrounding the grain of sand

The waves become a roar
but the grain of sand is confused by
how dark it remains
Until a crack breaks through
flooding the grain of sand with the sun

And this single grain of sand,
once one among millions,
is now a pearl.

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