Thursday, November 1, 2012

Start of National Novel Writing Month

Good morning.  Today is the first day of National Novel Writing Month.  This is my fourth year attempting to complete a novel in a month.  Like many aspects of change, I start out strong then fade.  But I have a new game plan this year.  First, I am going to write out the scenes I have in my head.  I'll worry about putting it together later.  Second, I am going to share my progress through Twitter and this blog by sharing snippets of my writing.  Now, I know this game plan will make it hard on the reader, but to complete the novel is the main goal.  So I apologize early for the disconnected snippets of the novel for the upcoming month.  Here is the first snippet:

The rain was a now a curtain.  Coach Riner couldn’t see the visitor’s sideline.  The refs said they would call the game if there was lighting, but we would play through the rain.  Coach Riner's play sheet was in pieces on the ground, it had disintegrated from the rain.
            "Time Out!" Coach Riner signaled and approached the side judge. "Time Out!"  The whistle blew. 
            The Tigers were down by four with three minutes left in the third quarter.  It was hard to run the ball.  It was impossible to throw. The middle of the field was mud.  The team huddled in close to Coach Riner.
            "We need to get out of the middle of field.  Indy Left, Zip, 28 Swing." 
            "Coach, can we do this out of shotgun? I can't get my feet going in the mud." Darren said.
            "Kyle? Can you get it back to him?" Coach Riner asked his center.
            "Yes, coach." Kyle never said more than what was needed.
            Coach Riner patted him on the top of his helmet. "I thought so.  OK, Huston Left, Zip, 28 swing."

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