Tuesday, August 28, 2012


There is a sidewalk in front of our house.
My two boys use it to ride a tricycle and
      a big, colorful plastic car.
On Wednesday mornings, 
      I set my garbage on it.
Some weeds try to grow throughout the summer.
            there always seems to be ants on it.
But that's it.

The nightly walkers use the street, 
with the cars,
and others on bikes.
Maybe it's the way the mailboxes are set in the sidewalks.
     Walking side by side, 
      one has to turn their shoulders, 
      or even stop,
                   to get by.
My youngest will holler,
"Mailbox, watch out!”
          when we walk around the block. (on the sidewalk)

I notice we always get stared at.

Is it because we are on the sidewalk,
 crossing their yard?
Have we become so disconnected,
that it is an invasion of privacy to walk on the sidewalk?

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