Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Online Writing Workshop Poem

During the summer I participated in an online writing workshop designed by Kate Messner.  One activity was to write a poem based on a character.  Here is that poem.

To Steven (From Life)
Sometimes the lowest point
is only a plateau till you fall again
I wish I could tell you why
or to set your watch for when
But for now you will only see
not only the darkness of night
But the corners of the human heart
that will only cause you fright
Because when you have lost it all
there is more I can take from you
So take this moment to relax and watch the stars
feel free, feel hungry, for I will be there soon
To take you on the road of redemption
there is a price to pay though
It takes a broken heart to be able to fix one
for your life is not lived alone

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