Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Google Maps

Flying from Lincoln
To Denver
To Phoenix
To Portland

I sat in a window seat
And watched the world go by

It looks nothing like Google maps.

I watched farm land
Rise to mountains
That fell into desert that bled
Into grey rainy weather

But I never saw a bright red line that indicated a state line
Or a small black one to show a county
Or a dotted line for a new time zone

I watched rivers snake across the land,
I watched straighter roads do the same
 At times I could see the vehicles
 Rush with the tide

But instead of division lines
I connected every city
Every town
Every farm house
With the roads that cut across the surface of this country
It would take time,
 But I could walk out my door and see anyone

I found it interesting how easy we are all connected with the things we make
 Airplane Seats
Yet, the person next to me has nothing to say
 Earbuds are in the way

From 40000 feet
This life doesn't look anything like
Google Maps.

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