Tuesday, November 13, 2012

NaNoWriMo Snippet: Game plan

            The boys rambled in to Coach Riner's room, backpacks slung against the wall.  Chatter filled the room like a fog.  Sometimes the noise was hard to walk through, let alone get through the room as the boys hap hardly found space to sprawl out on the floor and desk.
            Coach Riner made his way through the maze of feet and elbows. "OK guys, quite down."  The noise decreased only a little. 
            Coach Glean was not in the mood, "Coach asked for you to quite down."  He didn't yell it, but delivered it above the ruckus to make sure his point was made.  The team quieted down.  Over the weekend Coach Glean and Coach Riner went around and around about how to game plan for the Colts.  They were still at odds about the direction, but Coach Riner finally said that they would follow his idea.  Coach Glean wasn't happy about it.
            "Thank you, Coach Glean." Coach Glean simply nodded. "As you know the state reworked the district and we have a new team this year, the Colts.  I've been watch film of them for a while and talking to some of their opponents from last year.  They like to air it out.  They average over almost 300 yards a game.  They spend most of their time in shotgun.  I swear in one game they ran the ball twice."
            The players were murmuring, shaking their heads in amazement.
            "They are a different type of team then what we normally face. And I think we have to do something different if we are going to defeat them.  Over the weekend Coach Glean and I decided on a game plan..." Coach Riner was about to tell the team that Coach Glean didn't agree with him.  Coach Riner, at times, felt like rookie. Especially with against Coach Glean's knowledge of defense.  Sunday night Coach Riner almost just gave in to Coach Glean's insistence that their base 4 - 4 defense could stop them.  But Coach Riner finally said no, they were going to go with his idea.  At the end of the day he was the head coach and would take the blame.  He asked Coach Glean to come up with a few unique blitzes, but they were going to run a 3 -4 -4.
            Coach Riner looked over at Coach Glean and continued, "that is a little different.  I will cover the basics and Coach Glean has some new blitzes we will need to learn.  I'm going to trust that we know our offense and devote more time to defense."
            Coach Riner turned to the white board and drew up Xs and Os. Setting up the defense in a 3 - 4- 4 look.  As he stepped away, the boys straightened up.  Jason raised his hand.
            "How is this going to work coach?"
            "Let me show you." Coach arranged the Os into the Colt's favorite formation, a spread one back shotgun. "They are stubborn in their approach.  I understand why, the quarterback, number 1, has a great arm.  Number 17, is fast, Jason Wright.  He won the state 100 last year." 
            "That guy was fast." Teon said.  Teon was at the state track meet for high jump.
            "But number 87, Garrett Wesson is their best receiver. He never drops a ball, " Coach Riner continued.  "But they don't run.  Even in the semi-finals last year, they continued to try to pass the ball in the rainstorm.  Their best rushing game was 104 yards last year, with 86 of those yards from number 1.  This approach," Coach Riner slapped his hand on the board, "is a risk, yes. But we will do our best to take make them run."  Coach Riner turned his attention toward Coach Glean. "You have to trust me."

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